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Honoured among India’s TOP 45 innovative products

Every company depends on data about its products or services. Whether you need data for regulatory compliance, productivity or anytime-anywhere access, this data can be on projects/assignments, document, client interaction or unstructured information and be available securely and on few clicks only. Importantly, companies can create customer relations and information/document management most suitable to their own requirements rather than fixed set of features.

This indigenous innovation DOCSnBeyond is designed for SMEs and corporate, architected after extensive research - a game changer innovative, intelligent and scalable solution.

PRODUCT FOR THE MASSES – Available in world’s 12 languages, DOCSnBeyond allows adoption in many industries without any customizations e.g. Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Legal, FMCG, Consulting, Financial, Education etc. Use independently or with ERP and get what ERPs don’t offer.

PERPETUAL SOCIAL VALUE - SMEs and corporate are the biggest beneficiaries on addressing attrition, IP protection, and employee development bringing communication more integral. DOCSnBeyond permanently bridges (past, present and future) employees holding corporate Intellectual Capital – a big and long-lasting social value!

ASSET APPRECIATION – In inflationary trend, the more you use it, the more DOCSnBeyond’s value appreciates.

DOCSnBeyond provides a real breakthrough in cost, productivity and ultimate competitive advantage.

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